Cardi B

  • Rapper, singer, songwriter
  • Born: 1992 USA
  • Married
  • Children: 1
  • Annual: Rp400.390.042.559,00
  • Monthly: Rp33.365.836.879,92
  • Weekly: Rp7.699.808.510,75
  • Daily: Rp1.539.961.702,15
Cardi B

Forbes Sept 2019: $28 million pretax earnings Feb 2019 Finance Yahoo: Based on Cardi B’s math, this means the artist is probably making close to $1 million a month. In addition to her music, endorsements from Fashion Nova — which reportedly brings in $20,000 a month for Cardi B — and commercials for Pepsi and Amazon’s Alexa contribute to her earnings.


Update: 2019-9