James Corden

  • Comedian, TV Host, Actor
  • Born: 1978 UK
  • Married
  • Children: 2
  • Annual: Rp71.498.221.885,00
  • Monthly: Rp5.958.185.157,08
  • Weekly: Rp1.374.965.805,48
  • Daily: Rp274.993.161,10
James Corden

Daily Mail April 2018:$5 million Deadline.com Sept 2017: Corden’s current contract is up in August 2020, paying the host a salary is said to be in the $4 million -$5 million range. Forbes Feb 2017: $4 million Heavy.com June 2016: Corden initially signed a three-year deal with CBS to make £1.5 million (a little under $2 million) for the first year. However, The Late Late Show under Corden became such a surprising success right away that by August 2015, he was offered a two-year extension, worth £3 million (around $3.9 million). Mirror.co.uk Nov 2015: Americans are so smitten with Essex-born James, bosses at CBS have handed him a contract worth an estimated £10million over 5 years = £2 million per year


Update: 2018-10