Gaji Candice Swanepoel

  • Model Fesyen
  • Lahir: 1988 South Africa
  • Tahun: IDR95,909,157,364.00
  • Bulan: IDR7,992,429,780.33
  • Minggu: IDR1,844,406,872.38
  • Hari: IDR368,881,374.48
Candice Swanepoel

Earnings overview per year
The Richest Jul 2019: She has a fortune evaluated on $25 million. Swanepoel became famous after signing a contract with Victoria's Secret, but not all her money comes from the brand. She is very powerful on social media, where more than 13 million people follow her content, and charges approximately $70 thousand per post. 5.3 million pounds
Forbes August 2016: $7 million
Forbes August 2013: $3.3 million
Forbes May 2012: $3.1 million


Update: 2018-11