Gaji Joaquin Phoenix

  • Aktor
  • Lahir: 1974 U.S.
  • Tahun: IDR72,074,222,140.00
  • Bulan: IDR6,006,185,178.33
  • Minggu: IDR1,386,042,733.46
  • Hari: IDR277,208,546.69
Joaquin Phoenix

MoviePlayer Oct 2019: The compensation received by the protagonist Joaquin Phoenix has been confirmed: 4.5 million dollars. August 2019: Next on the list is another one of Warner Bros.' 2019 outputs, with Joaquin Phoenix's highly-anticipated turn in Joker. The report claims that Phoenix earned $4.5 million for his gig as the clown prince of crime.


Update: 2020-1