Gaji Aamir Khan

  • Aktor
  • Lahir: 1965, Mumbai
  • Tahun: IDR160,663,176,742.00
  • Bulan: IDR13,388,598,061.83
  • Minggu: IDR3,089,676,475.81
  • Hari: IDR617,935,295.16
Aamir Khan

Earning Overview:
ForbesIndia 2019: Earnings 2019(In Rs Crore):85
Forbes 2018: INR 79.50 crore
Forbes June 2017: Earnings for Dangal reached INR 1.75 billion ($27 million). That was the sum of the actor’s upfront salary of 350 million rupees plus 1.4 billion rupees in profit participations earned from his 33% share of the profits after recoupment of Dangal’s costs. Assuming that Dangal’s licensors (Disney and UTV) receive the standard 25% revenue share from China, or $46 million, that would translate into a $15.3 million (INR 100 Crore) China payday for Khan. When added to his prior $27 million cut, that adds up to $42 million for one film.
Annual Earnings as of 31st October 2013


Update: 2020-5