PT. Fajarindo Faliman Zipper Improvement

Factory Improvement April 2019 – June 2019

Some clarifications and improvements that have been made by PT. Fajarindo Faliman Zipper, Tangerang, as of April 2019 are;
- Agreement on fulfilling workers' minimum wages was obtained after bipartite negotiations.
- Follow-up Meeting on Sectoral Wages will be held in July 2019
- With the assistance of the Trade Unions, workers receive sufficient information/socialization about the minimum wage and sectoral wages in the Tangerang region.
- Labor Inspectorate visits will be conducted periodically starting in July 2019
- It has been agreed for the implementation of SMK3 training for workers in 2019
- Bipartite Meetings/Negotiations between Trade Unions and Employers will always be held periodically, min. 1 time every quarter of the year