Provincial and Regencies Minimum Wage in Banten

Provincial and Regencies Minimum Wage in Banten 2020

Provincial Minimum Wage in Banten 2020

Based on the Governor of Banten's Decree Governor's Decree No. 561/Kep.305-Huk/2019, the Provincial Government of Banten set the Provincial Minimum Wage (UMP) amounting to Rp 2,460,996. This numbers increased by 8.51 percent compared to the Provincial Minimum Wage in the year 2019.

Increase Percentage (%)
Governor's Decree
 Rp 2,267,990 
Rp 2,460,996
Governor's Decree No. 561/Kep.305-Huk/2019.

Regencies Minimum Wage in Banten 2020

Regencies Minimum Wage (UMK) of Banten 2020 is officially established by the issuance of Decision Letter No. Governor's Decree No. 561/Kep.305-Huk/2019. regarding the determination of Regencies Minimum Wage in Banten. The amount of the increase refers to Governor Regulation No. 78 of year 2015 on Wages, where the rate percentage increase is 8.51 percent from last year in 2019.

Cilegon City has the highest Regencies Minimum Wage Rates of West Java in 2020, which is Rp 4,246,081. While the lowest is in Lebak Regency, amounting to Rp 2,710,654.

List of Regencies Minimum Wage Rates in Banten 2020 :

Banten Lebak Regency Rp 2,710,654
  Serang Regency Rp 4,152,887
  Pandeglang Regency Rp 2,758,909
  Tangerang Regency Rp 4,168,268
  Cilegon City Rp 4,246,081
  Tangerang City Rp 4,119,029
  South Tangerang City Rp 4,168,268
  Serang City Rp 3,773,940