Topics with lowest compliance rate by Garment Factories

Nursing time in work, work strike permits, and not allowing contract workers to do permanent work, are some topics where not many garment factories are complying in accordance with the regulations by the Labor Law.

Gajimu has conducted a Decent Work Check survey on 49 sub-topics of employment. Of the 49 topics surveyed, there are 3 topics where many garment factories still do not comply with the applicable regulations. What are the topics?


There are only 33.61% of all surveyed factories provide nursing time for their lactating workers to breastfeed their children while only 32.26% of the factories not allowing contract workers to do permanent work. Also, few of these garment factories allow their workers to do work strike, whereas the percentage only reaches 20.11% of the total number of factories surveyed.

Topic Garment factories compliance rate
 The employer provides for breastfeeding breaks for nursing mothers 33,61%
The employer does not hire fixed-term contract workers for tasks of permanent nature


The employer acknowledges the right to strike



The percentage shown shows the level of compliance with the 3 topics mentioned above, based on the survey filled by each employee of 34 garment factories surveyed.