Check your rights

How do your workers compare with national legislation in your country - does it match up?

Take our Garment Decent Work Check Survey and find out more. 

Gajimu Garmen is a website where people who work in garment sector could find information on wages and labor law. Gajimu Garmen also collects and compares working conditions data from various garment factories through on- and offline surveys. We share our Survey findings in  which will be available for public, including garment workers, employers, government, buyers, and brands.

The initiative aims to demonstrate:

  • how compliance checks of minimum wage and labour laws can raise awareness as well as non-compliance issues
  • how comparisons and sample clauses for collective agreements can trigger social dialogues, possibly resulting in improved working conditions on a large scale
  • that publication of worker-reported cases of non-compliance on easily accessible Gajimu factory pages can provide buyers, such as international brands, with their suppliers’ performances on the shop floor.
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