Provincial and Regencies Minimum Wage in North Sumatera 2019

Provincial Minimum Wage in North Sumatera 2019

North Sumatera Governor, Edy Rahmayadi, issued North Sumatera Province Decree on Provincial Minimum Wage in 2019 amounting to Rp 2,303,403. Provincial Minimum Wage of North Sumatra rose 8.03% from 2018 numbers. The basis of Provincial Minimum Wage in North Sumatera 2019 determination has been referring to Government Regulation No.78 / 2015 on Wages

2018 2019 Increase Percentage (%) Governor's Decree
Rp 2,132,188 Rp 2,303,403 8% North Sumatera Governor's Decree No. 188.44/1365/KPTS/2019

Regencies Minimum Wage in North Sumatera 2019

The Governor of North Sumatra's Decree on Provincial Minimum Wage 2019 becomes the reference in the preparation and determination of Regencies Minimum Wage in North Sumatra for the year 2019.

List of Regencies Minimum Wage Rates in North Sumatera 2019 :

North Sumatera City Medan Rp 2,969,824
Deli Serdang Regency
  Rp 2,938,524
  Asahan Regency Rp 2,593,986
  Binjai City Rp 2,409,714
  Dairi Regency Rp 2,307,801
Humbang Hasundutan Regency
  Rp 2,326,083
  Karo Regency Rp 2,829,558
  Labuhan Batu Regency Rp 2,668,223
  Labuhanbatu Utara Regency Rp 2,701,106
  Labuhanbatu Selatan Regency Rp 2,644,265
  Langkat Regency Rp 2,498,377
  Nias Regency Rp 2,480,700
Padang Sidempuan City
  Rp 2,395,539
Pematang Siantar City
  Rp 2,466,325
  Samosir Regency Rp 2,305,335
  Batubara Regency Rp 2,459,326
  Tanjungbalai City Rp 2,644,265
South Tapanuli Regency
  Rp 2,941,267
North Tapanuli Regency
  Rp 2,601,073
Toba Samosir Regency
  Rp 2,675,368
Central Tapanuli Regency
  Rp 2,343,422
Gunung Sitoli Regency
  Rp 2,608,869
Padang Lawas Regency
  Rp 2,459,326
North Padang Lawas Regency
  Rp 2,399,083
Tebing Tinggi Regency
  Rp 2,521,268
Serdang Bedagai Regency
  Rp 2,550,718
Mandailing Natal Regency
  Rp 2,164,991
  Sibolga City Rp 2,768,336