Gaji Andrés Iniesta

  • Pemain bola - Vissel Kobe - Japan
  • Lahir: 1984 Spain
  • Tahun: IDR434,056,314,271.00
  • Bulan: IDR36,171,359,522.58
  • Minggu: IDR8,347,236,812.90
  • Hari: IDR1,669,447,362.58
Andrés Iniesta

Earnings overview: August 2019: The 35-year-old signed a three-year deal with Kobe last summer worth a reported $30m per year.
Forbes June 2018: $32.5 million
April 2016 FF: 21,5 M€
ESPN May 2018: according ESPN's sources, the 33-year-old will sign a three-year deal with an annual salary of $30 million at Japans Vissel Kobe.


Update: 2019-8