Gaji Alicia Keys

  • Singer-penulis lagu
  • Lahir: 1981 US
  • Tahun: IDR113,776,044,890.00
  • Bulan: IDR9,481,337,074.17
  • Minggu: IDR2,188,000,863.27
  • Hari: IDR437,600,172.65
Alicia Keys

Forbes Jan 2020: The singer, songwriter and Grammy host revealed she has a new album coming in 2020 called A.L.I.C.I.A.
Moneynation Nov 2016: 8 million as judge the Voice
Earnings based on the ticket sales during the 2010 tour, according to music trade publication Pollstar: $29.4 million


Update: 2017-11